5 Most Common Meanings of Dreams

Most Common Meanings of Dreams – Talking about dreams, surely many of you have heard about various myths related to the meaning of dreams.

Like a tooth loss dream, which is a myth that means someone will die. However, something like that is true or not, huh?

Most Common Meanings of Dreams: various theories that explain the meaning of dreams

In the world of science itself, there are various theories that explain the meaning of dreams with different approaches. For more details, you can find out the meaning or meaning of dreams according to the interpretations of the experts below.

1. Dream of missing teeth

The most common myth circulating regarding this dream is that it is a sign that someone will die. However, experts have different interpretations regarding the meaning of this dream.

Reporting from Mental Floss, Wallace considered that this dream means that someone who dreams of him is experiencing something that makes him lose self-confidence.

Meanwhile, Grant has an opinion that the dream of losing teeth is a bad sign because it represents a broken relationship.

2. Dream of Falling

According to Wallace, this dream signifies that you are too serious and pay too much attention to something.

So, it is suggested that you can be more relaxed and relaxed. Meanwhile, according to other experts such as Lauri Loewenberg, dreams of falling are generally experienced by those who are under pressure.

like a problem so that indirectly affects the subconscious to continue to be alert.

3. Dream of Flying

Different from the dream of falling, Wallace interpreted this dream as a success. If you are having this dream, it could be that you have solved a problem or job and succeeded in going through it without you knowing it.

4. Dreams of Dying or Death

In fact, this dream has a meaning that is not as scary as you think. According to Grant, this dream indirectly holds a message that you will face a new beginning in a situation.

Meanwhile, according to Lauren Lawrence, dreams translate your hidden desire to escape from a situation, it can be a relationship, work, or something else.

5. Dream Chased

Reporting from the Independent page, this dream is interpreted by Wallace as a problem or obstacle that someone experiences, but that person doesn’t know how to deal with it.

If you experience it, it is advisable not to hesitate to face it because it could provide an opportunity to help you pursue your ambition.

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Thus a review of the 5 most common dream meanings that I can convey, hopefully it can be an inspiration and useful information for readers. / Aha

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