Recommended 6 of the Worlds Best Online Games

Who are the millennial kids who are not familiar with battle royal games? This one hits game is best known in the world such as Fortnite, PUBG, to Apex. In order not to be disappointed while playing, it is better to choose the worlds best online games in the . The players you will meet come from several countries.

Generally, the line of online games below is equipped with various quality features. So that players can really enjoy the graphics, sound, and quality of the game. For more, see the following reviews.

6 of the Worlds Best Online Games

The worlds best online games certainly invites curiosity. Below are 6 online games that are popular and in high demand. Check this out!

1. PlayerUnkonwn’s BattleGrounds (PUBG)


Abbreviated as PUBG, it has been released since 2018. Until now, it is still busy being played by young people to adults. In one PUBG group consists of 5 players from various regions.

PUBG in 2019 was named the best online game in the world. The game with the theme of the battle royal is very challenging. Moreover, the game winner is a player who can survive until the end of the game.

Each player will eliminate each other so they can live to the end and win the game. Now there are features of 100 players in one PUBG group. The advantages of the PUBG game that it is in demand are weapon recommendations, detailed character customization, and game modes.

2. Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the worlds best online games which was actually released before PUBG. The games created by Epic Games are quite popular. In fact, in 2020 it occupied the second position of the best online games.

Fortnite Battle Royal players from around the world have reached 39 million players. Fortnite Battle Royale offers its own excitement compared to other battle games. The players will be taken on an adventure, fight, and collect items. This one game can be played via the XBOX, Android, and iOS consoles.

3. League of Legends (LOL)


League of Legends is a game inspired by the old school game, Worldcraft III. Originally developed by game developer Riot Games in 2009. At the start of its release, it was named one of the best Esports games.

Even though it is quite difficult to win the League of Legends game. The players need to spend more time and effort in order to finish the game well.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Counter-Strike is one of the most popular games of all time. The uniqueness of this worlds best online games is equipped with FPS mode or frame rate mode. This one game was developed by Valve Corporation with Hidden Path. Since it was first released in 1999, it has been predicted to be the best esports game.

Over time, game developers continue to innovate on FPS. Until finally in 2014 it transformed into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the first month of its release on the PlayStore, it has been downloaded more than 37 million times.

5. Apex Legends


Apex Legends is one of the viral online games in 2019. However, throughout 2021, Apex Legends has succeeded in occupying the third position as the worlds best online games. The advantages of this one game are seen from the best superhero theme it carries. The game also presents 8 legendary characters complete with different gameplay capabilities.

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6. HeartStone


HeartStone is a viral online game that has successfully stolen the hearts of 29 million gamers. As a result, HeartStone succeeded in occupying the sixth position as the world’s best esports game. This game is inspired by collectible card games like Yu-Gi oh.

HeartStone is loved by game slot online professionals. HeartStone game developers have held world-class tournaments several times, for example Nexok40, Jothree, and Rezdan.

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