How to Start an Online Casino: These are 6 Steps Needed

Online casinos are now becoming one of the most popular types of internet-based businesses. The higher the interest in casino gambling, the online gambling market is growing and bringing in a lot of money for its businessmen.

To enter the online casino business itself, becoming an operator or partner of the affiliate program provided by the online casino provider is the best option to do.

But how to start an online casino and get into this internet gambling market?

In this post, we will talk more about how to start an online casino. Here are a couple of things you need to know if you want to start your online casino.

Essential Steps How to Start an Online Casino


There are some important steps you need to do to start an online casino. Here are those steps:

Choose Trusted Gambling Software Provider

Getting the best quality gambling software is the most crucial step in starting an online casino. Gambling software will be the main factor that determines your online casino’s performance. That is why you need to make a deal with a trusted gambling software provider.

You need to evaluate everything offered by the gambling software provider (online casino provider) you choose, starting from pricing, terms of guarantees to security features.

You also need to pay attention to gaming content, terms of cooperation conditions, and technical support offered by the online casino providers.

There are many gambling trusted online casino providers that you can choose like Netent, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, etc.

Choose Gambling Contents (Games) for Your Online Casino

To make your online casino more interesting, presenting a wide variety of games is the best way for you to try. By providing a wide selection of games, you are at the same time offering a variety of different experiences for your members.

You can consider providing some popular casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and others on your online casino site.

Get a Gaming License

Each country has specific regulations related to gambling in its territory. In a country that prohibits gambling, it will prevent gambling action in the region.

In countries that legalize gambling such as the United Kingdom, France, Singapore, and Hong Kong, regulation will manage and limit gambling action.

If you are in a country where gambling is legal, you must first take care of gambling licensing before your online casino operates.

Secure Verified Methods of Payment

When you run an online casino, providing a secure payment system is also a chore to complete. The payment system you use must be able to support international commercial transactions.

Without this payment system, members who play at your online casino will not be able to send or withdraw money at your online casino.

Therefore, make sure you use a secure, verified payment systems that can support all types of transactions, such as credit cards, bank wires and even vouchers. For this part, you will need to make several agreements with the payment system provider.

Create Online Casino Site

Another important step on how to start an online casino you need to consider is the design of your casino site. Your Casino site design is one of the crucial elements you need to consider to catch the attention of your customer/visitors. 

It will help give your customers the information they need and navigate them to the services you offer. It will give your customers the information they need and lead them to the services you offer. It also will help to increase the branding of your online casino. So your online casino brand will stick in their mind.

Your online casino needs to have a unique and catchy design that makes it different from other casino platforms. Do not use too many graphical elements that can overload your online casino site system. 

Just use a simple layout that is easy to understand by your visitor/customer. The last one, you also better take care of Front End integration with your database.

Focus on Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and Promotion are the last important thing you need to consider to start an online casino. To promote your online casino, you can consider using affiliate programs. You also can consider using some popular affiliate management programs such as IncomeAccess, NetRefer, EGASS, and Unisender.

In this point, observing your competitor is something I also recommend. Start with analyzing your competitor’s strategy and mistakes. 

Just steal their strategy and improve it. If you find your competitors make fatal mistakes, take them as a note, so you will not make those mistakes.

How Much Money to Spend to Start an Online Casino?


If you ask about the cost needed to create an online casino,  there is no definite answer to this question. Many elements can affect how much money you spend to start an online casino.  For example:

If you want to have a special and unique template for your online casino site, you need to pay a UX designer to get it. It will cost more than just using a free online casino template. 

It is a wise choice to reach experts in this field to help you. They will provide you with an accurate estimation for the online casino project you plan.

When it comes to developing an online casino site, there are two types of expenses to consider:

Pre-Launch expenses

Pre-Launch expenses are the costs you have to pay for setting up your online casino before it starts operating. This cost includes company set up, license, software set up, marketing, and several other things.

After-Launch expenses

After-Launch expenses are regular expenses you have to pay after the online casino starts operating. These costs include license fees, software support, games providers, marketing, staff, and others.


From what we share above, we can summarize that there are six steps you need to do for starting an online casino, those are:

  1. Get support from a trusted software provider
  2. Choose gambling content for your online casino.
  3. Get a license for running your online casino.
  4. Use secured verified methods of payment.
  5. Start creating your online casino.
  6. Promote your online casino.

That is all that I can share with you about how to start an online casino. Are you interested in getting into this online gambling business?

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