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Responsival Blogger Theme

Responsival – A Responsive Blogger Template. As its name – Responsival – I’m glad releasing my first responsive design template which is free for all Blogger users. This modern template is based on fluid designs that adjust to different types of screen resolutions. It fully responses to any screen sizes up to 1400px wide. So you’re able to serve the best experience for your readers regardless from where your blog is being viewed.

Based on fluid designs that adjust to screen sizes up to 1400px wide, Responsival is a popular, super clean, minimalistic template by fiveforblogger.


Known issues Responsival

I’m also glad to say that this template will give you a tiring job to make your blog looks like the demo. You should think twice or more before it frustrates you. I know it’s little discouraging but at least you’re being prepared beforehand especially if you already have hundreds of posts. For newborn blogs, it’s just nice to try it out.

  • You HAVE TO forget your current awesome header because you have to delete header1 widget.
  • You MIGHT HAVE difficulties because you can’t access Blog Posts widget from ‘Layout’ or ‘Page Elements’.
  • It MIGHT mess up any images in your previous posts.
  • Use of :nth-child pseudo selector that’s NOT SUPPORTED in IE8 and below.

Nope, you should not be worrying because I’ll try my best to guide you through this post. So, it’s a must-read-first.

Switch to Old Blogger Interface

The first step is to make sure you’re in old interface. Why do I need to switch from new dashboard? That’s the first question you might ask me. Because it lets you to remove default widgets from the template and in this case is header widget.

Remove Header Widget

This template complies HTML5 markup for main elements. So the header has used readable tags to gain benefits from HTML5. So, in my opinion it’s better than using header widget. You shouldn’t be doubtful because I already employ HTML5 almost a year and that’s one of the reasons Google loves this blog very much even it’s not being fully exposed… LOL.

The first you will see after uploading the template is a warning. I did a test with new interface and surprisingly the warning didn’t appear. It means you will have two headers in your blog. And whenever after I tried to delete it, I got bx error – Now you know why. Just choose ‘DELETE WIDGETS’.

Basic Instruction : How to install a Blogger Template

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