How to Win on Slot Machine in 7 Simple Steps – Increase Your Winning Chances

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People use slot machines to relax or get away from their problems for a day. For these folks, earning a small amount of money on a regular basis is far more essential than growing their bankroll. 

We’ll show you how to increase the quantity of winnings in your slot session in this article. There is no legal method for a gambler to always win on slots – only strategies to help a gambler improve winning chances.

We’ll show you how to increase the quantity of winnings in your slot session in this article. There is no legal method for a gambler to always win on slots – only strategies to help a gambler improve winning chances.

The ultimate guide on how to win on slot machines is also sourced from Dolphins e-Gaming, one of the largest online gambling sites in Indonesia.

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How to Win On Slot Machine in 7 Steps 

There are 7 essential things you can do to improve your winning chances. Here are those essential steps on how to win on slot machine.

Choose Slot Machines With High RTP Rates

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First, choose slot machines with high RTP rates. This is to increase your winning potential.

Check the RTP stats of a title when looking through slot games on online gambling sites or in brick and mortar casinos. The player’s edge against the house is called return-to-player (RTP).

Take, for example, Betsoft’s Good Girl Bad Girl, which has a 97.8% RTP.

The return on investment (RTI) of a slot machine reveals how much money a player may anticipate to win if they place a bet. 

If you stake $100 on Good Girl Bad Girl, which has a 97.8% RTP, you’ll most certainly get back $97.8 after multiple spins. Keep in mind that the returns represent a probability that will occur after a long period of playing the game, not a promise.

Choose Slots With Low Volatility

Another statistic to examine is the slot’s volatility, which can be found beside the RTP rate. The payout rate of a slot machine after a certain number of spins is measured by volatility.

High volatility slots have the fewest wins for a period of time, but they also have the highest payout rate for each win. Medium volatility slots are well-rounded games with a high payout rate and regular winnings.

Low-volatility slots are what you’re after. Low-volatility slots often reward players with more wins than other games, despite the fact that they provide small returns on wins.

Microgaming’s Wild Scarabs, which has 243 ways to win, is an example of a low-volatility slot. The Wild Deal feature, which replaces one to four wild symbols on the reel if a non-winning spin occurs while a wild symbol is present on one of the reels, is the game’s most popular feature.

Low-range games have RTPs of less than 95 percent, whereas medium-range games have RTPs of 95% to 98%. Higher RTP slots have a rate of 98%  to 99% and are more likely to deliver consistent wins and good returns. Mega Joker, a NetEnt slot with a 99% RTP and a Supermeter mode with astronomically enormous payouts, is a nice example of a slot with a 99% RTP.

Do Not Play on Jackpot Slots

While the large sum of money is alluring, you should avoid playing progressive jackpot slots with your money. Because of their high payout rate, progressive slots are very risky. When playing these types of slots, you should expect a long period of inactivity.

Another issue with jackpot slots is that they have extremely low rewards for any minor wins due to their poor RTP. With an RTP of only 88.12%, Mega Moolah, Microgaming’s most popular progressive jackpot slot, is a good example. 

With a $100 bet set on numerous spins at that rate, you can only expect a return of $88.12. Aside from the jackpot, the game’s standard mode offers few qualities that result in a significant payoff.

Progressive jackpots might psychologically deprive players of the satisfaction of a decent payout due to the enormous prize that appears to be just out of grasp. In terms of payout rates and winning consistency, non-jackpot slots can deliver a better experience.

Keep Your Eyes Out For Bonus Features

Keep a look out for bonus features in slots. Certain slots have the highest payout rate hidden behind a complicated bonus feature that requires matching three or more specified symbols and selecting the appropriate options in order to win big money.

You want slots with features that appear at random and on a regular basis during the main game. Twin Spin, a NetEnt slot, is an example of this, with similar symbols appearing on two to five reels at random. Because the game includes a 243 ways to win payline feature, significant payout rates are conceivable if the Twin Reels contain wilds and high-paying symbols.

Pay attention to the game’s paytable and the quantity of unique symbols. You should aim for a game with few to no symbols that solely trigger bonus modes and a few payment symbols. A few “bonus” icons on the slot boost your chances of winning on each spin. Twin Spin is an excellent example because all of the symbols have a payout rate.

Sign Up to Online Casino Site With Free Spins and Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are used by major online casinos to attract new players to their sites. Free spins for various games are included as part of these promotions. 

Deposit bonuses that double or triple your first deposit are also available. Certain casinos also offer free spins without making a deposit, like Fortune Jack, which offers 50 spins only for signing up and validating your account.

Before you sign up for a casino, keep an eye out for regular bonuses. BitStarz, for example, has different bonuses available on different days of the week. Players may take part in their Free Spins Wednesday promotion, which offers 20 free spins for a $30 deposit, 80 free spins for a $80 deposit, and 200 free spins for a $160 deposit.

It’s vital to remember that any deposit bonuses and winnings from free spins must be wagered several times before being withdrawn. When choosing a casino, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonuses to see how much you’ll have to wager before you can cash them out.

Check Slot Game Reviews

Reading and analyzing slot reviews on various platforms can assist you in choosing a machine that consistently rewards you with several wins. Slot reviews can be found on online casino websites or in gaming directories. Users can submit comments for different titles via helpful sites, social media groups, online videos, and community forums, providing you more insight into distinct online slots.

Another option is to watch online videos, which give you a better idea of the slot’s characteristics. Review clips might help you figure out whether games include bonus features that can be activated during the game’s usual play.

Playing free online slots is one of the best ways to have a better understanding of a game. You may learn about the game’s bonus modes and other features while spinning the reels without worrying about your money. You can also receive the satisfaction of winning by playing free games.

Do not Believe in Superstitious

The last step on how to win on slot machine is not to believe in superstition. It is not true that slots are loose or tight with their money at particular times. Casino patrons with vivid imaginations believe that a serviced machine is handing out winnings like candy, resulting in a widespread belief in loose slots.

The results of a player’s spin are determined by a PRNG in both online and traditional slots. Every slot game, regardless of the time of day, employs the identical algorithm to generate a random result. It’s also worth noting that because online casinos don’t have access to the software’s coding, they can’t affect the PRNG of any slot.

Playing online slots at certain times because you’re superstitious would just take away from your delight of spinning the reels. You should only be concerned about playing at genuine casinos and staying away from rogue ones. Checking an online operator’s license and verifying their certification by visiting the regulation’s website is a smart way to do it.

Top Slot Machines to Play

If you want to try playing slot machines, there is a selection of slot machines that you can play. However, it is highly recommended that you choose a slot machine from a leading slot provider such as Netent, Microgaming and Yggdrasil.

In addition to the steps to win at slot machines, we also have created a list of the top slot machine slots that you can choose from.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a fantastic online slot game from Microgaming. It has 243 paylines, a significant number of extra features, and large jackpots. The supernatural vampire motif is also fantastic, with realistic images and a creepy soundtrack. We have no complaints about this game.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah from Microgaming is another record-breaking slot game that could win you a lot of money. There are four progressive jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega, which are all rigged. Each begins at a value of ten thousand, ten thousand, and one million dollars, respectively. You can win on any spin because the slot pays out at random. As a general rule, the higher the bet, the greater the reward.


One of the most well-known slots in the iGaming industry is this jewel of a game. Players can’t get enough of the game’s beautiful gem-encrusted motif, which includes expanding wilds that may be won both ways. It’s also a slot with a medium variance, which means that wins are regular. Starburst is one of NetEnt’s most popular online slots, despite the lack of in-game bonus features.


Each time we play this Yggdrasil slot, it grows on us. It’s entertaining, well-designed, and pays both ways, but it’s a high-variance game. It includes a unique in-game feature called Jokerizer Mode that can help you win money. You could win 600x your wager if you’re lucky. Expect to win occasionally, but give this slot a try. There’s a reason why it’s the players’ favorite.

John Hunter series

The action themed online game based on Indiana Jones has spawned numerous sequels. John is a seasoned traveler and treasure hunter, and his recent exploits have seen him search out the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, and more! The actual treasure is found in this slot series.

Private Eye

In this Microgaming Private Investigator slot, you’ll be taken to the seductive and menacing realm of film noir. The game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win, so there are plenty of ways to win. The game has really appealing graphics and music effects, and it perfectly matches its theme.

Book of Ra

Is this Egyptian-themed slot game similar to the last one? Hopefully, it does, and you’re reminiscing about a large victory in a real-world casino. Book of Ra is one of the most popular Video Slots machines in casinos across the world, and it’s just as popular online, where you may win up to 5,000 x your bet!

Sunrise Reels

With Sunrise Reels, the early bird catches the worm! This classic 3-reel slot has 5 paylines and, surprise, takes place against a beautiful morning backdrop. This jackpot slot has the potential to pay out up to 12,000 credits, which explains its appeal.

Goblin’s Cave

Do you dare to explore the terrible Goblin’s Cave… where… wait… this Goblin isn’t so scary! He resembles a hippie version of one of the Gringotts goblins from Harry Potter. Ah well, this game has surpassed our previous top rank in 2020 by about a thousand views, and there’s a reason for that: it’s a lot of fun.

Goblin’s Cave is a three-reel, three-payline slot with a maximum bet of €1,500. It has a nice feature where you may hold certain symbols to boost your chances of winning on the next roll.

Those are some steps on how to win on slot machine that can help increase your chances of winning when playing slots. In addition to some of the tips we explained above, you should also learn about bankroll management such as stop loss and win limit strategies.

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