Review of the Stars Slots Casino Game, one of Android Slot Games Produced by Huuuge Games

Android slot games are one of several types of games that are very popular in the application marketplace, Playstore. There are millions of Android users who love this type of game with very simple gameplay.

The popularity of this slot game makes many developers interested in developing this type of game. On the Playstore. you can find many game developers distributing this type of Android slot game. Huuuge Games is one of them.

Huuuge Games is one of the veteran game developers at Playstore who is diligent in producing games with the theme of casino games, including slot machine games. There are lots of slot-themed games that have been developed by this game developer.

One of the android slot games from Huuuge Games which is very famous on the Playstore is a game called Stars Slots Casino. This game was first released on January 3, 2019 and has attracted the attention of more than 1 million Android users to play it. But what is actually very interesting about the Stars Slots Casino game?

Well, in our review this time, we will briefly review the slot online game “Stars Slots Casino” in terms of strengths, weaknesses and specifications for playing this game. Curious? Immediately, here’s the full review for you.

The advantages of Android Slot Games – Stars Slots Casino

Let’s review this from the advantages of this Stars Slots Casino as one of Android slot games. One of the advantages of this game is the interface. Stars Slots Casino presents a very user friendly game interface. This makes it very easy to play, even without a tutorial. In addition, the game graphics offered in this game are also very sharp.

Continue to points regarding game features. Stars Slots Casino offers more than 70 unique slot machine games. Each slot machine has its own unique theme starting from Neptune’s Mistress, Artemis Hunt, Ancient Egypt and others. Even Stars Slots Casino also offers the 777 classic slot machine.

A big bonus is also an advantage that makes this game very popular on the Playstore. This game offers many bonuses and jackpots for the players. Even those of you who are new players will get 6 million free coins at the start of the game.

Disadvantages of Android Slot Games – Stars Slots Casino

If you have to mention the shortcomings of the Stars Slots Casino game, maybe the shortcomings of the game are in the presence of advertisements in this game. Even though the existence of advertisements is a common thing in games distributed on the Playstore, these ads are still quite annoying and reduce the pleasant experience of playing this game.

Apart from the problem of advertising, we ourselves do not find many weaknesses in these Android slot games. However, if you browse the reviews on the product page. There are a number of players in this game who think that this game has a low win rate, aka hard to win.

In addition, there are also complaints about bugs and errors in the previous version of the Stars Slots Casino game. The developer of Huuuge Games has continued its efforts to develop the game even more by making a number of updates.

Android Specifications of Playing Stars Slots Casino

At the last point of this review, we will also discuss the minimum Android specifications for playing the Stars Slots Casino game. Quoting the information listed on the product page, to be able to play this game, your Smartphone must have a minimum Android OS 5.0.

In addition, you also have to provide a large enough free memory to install this game, especially considering the file size of this game is quite large. The file size of this slot game is 88 MB.

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Those are some of our reviews regarding one of the android slot games from Huuuge Games, Stars Slots Casino. What do you think? Is this casino slot game interesting enough to play?

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