What is Lightning Dice Live Game

Evolution Gaming is continuing their success by released Lightning Dice live game. Lightning Dice is a dice game with a chance element that sheds a whole new light on the world of Live Casino games. The game is released in an ornate black and gold art deco style and is also suitable for new players who are still getting used to online games. 

It also offers an interesting twist on the usual offer for the more experienced online gamblers toto togel 4d. It is a one of a kind game that will entertain table games, slots and bingo lovers alike. You have to see the Lightning concept, which has already been used for the popular game Lightning Roulette, a live Roulette version that gives players the chance to win multipliers. 


How does Lightning Dice Live Game Work

The object of this game is to correctly predict the total number of the three dice thrown by the game master. However, the dice are not just thrown. They are released into a sort of vertical maze, which will cause them to make several turns during their fall. The maze is also called the Lightning Tower.

A game master will lead the game and will ensure with his or her enthusiasm that you can enjoy this game to the fullest. The game studio’s cameras zoom in on the dice after they’re unleashed into the Lightning Tower. When the dice land at the bottom of the Lightning Tower, you can see if you bet on the correct total number.

Basic Rules of Lightning Dice Live Game

The outcome of the three dice is always between 3 and 18 pips. So a total of 16 different outcomes are possible situs toto togel. The idea is that you predict the correct number of eyes by betting on one outcome, but you can also bet on multiple outcomes.

It is also possible to bet on all 16 possible outcomes at once, using the button “Bet on all”. In this game, the unique Lightning Strikes from Evolution Gaming provide more excitement. The lightning can be in different places, giving you a chance to win a multiplier that significantly increases your profit if you predict correctly.

The game progresses quickly. A new game round is started every 30 seconds. So you have to pay attention and bet on time to be able to play per round. Evolution Gaming has made it as easy as possible for players by including a ‘Repeat Bet’ button in the game.

Payout at Lightning Dice Live Game

The payout depends on the number of pips you rolled on lightning dice live game. There are 16 different outcomes possible when you roll three dice (3 to 18 eyes).

The lowest number you can throw is 3. You have rolled a 1 three times. That’s an outcome. The highest number of eyes is 18 (three times a 6), which is also an outcome.

All intermediate outcomes can be thrown in more ways. In total there are 216 possible ways to roll the 16 possible outcomes. The payout for a particular outcome depends on the probability that you roll that outcome.

Some outcomes are much rarer than others. For example, there is only 1 way to roll 18, namely by rolling 6 pips three times. The chance of this is very small, namely 0.4% (1/216 options).

In the table below you can see how big the chance is that you roll a certain dice outcome (for example 18 eyes) and how large the payout is for each outcome.

Lightning Multipliers

It is similar to Lightning Roulette, at Lightning Dice live game has chosen to make the game a bit more exciting with the so-called strikes.

In this game, the Lightning Strikes will strike each round on 1 to a maximum of 4 of the 16 possible outcomes. The Lightning Strikes ensure that a multiplier will apply to these outcomes. If your dice land on these outcomes, the payout ratio is even greater.

 The multipliers can go up to 1000x. Again, the rarer the outcome, the higher the multiplier and the higher your payout will be. With every outcome you will in any case also get your bet back.

As you can see, the really high multipliers of 1000x and 500x are only applied to the rare outcomes:

  • The 1000x multiplier can only fall on the outcomes of 3 or 18 pips.
  • The 500x multiplier can only fall on the outcomes 4 or 17 eyes
  • The 250x multiplier can only fall on the outcomes of 5 or 16 pips.

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